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Adform's Data Management Platform (DMP) enables publishers and data providers to monetize their audience data. The DMP is fully integrated with the Adform system, providing seamless platform for both buyers and sellers of digital display inventory.

  • Used to collect massive datasets from numerous data sources, including 1st party, 3rd party, campaign, and publisher data.
  • Provides robust tools that allow users to structure diverse datasets into usable and granular audiences and segments.
  • Enables advertisers to activate the data in the Adform Demand Side Platform (DSP), ensuring that Ad spend is focused on ideal campaign prospects.


Jochen Schlosser, Senior Vice President presents key features in Data Management Platform 

  • For Agencies

    Adform’s Data Management Platform (DMP) empowers advertisers by sorting diverse data into actionable and scalable packages, while enabling them to build and refine their audiences with ease, significantly improving campaign performance and minimizing ad waste through greater efficiency and transparency.



  • For Publishers
    Adform’s DMP will help you as a publisher to effectively monetize your data, and increase your revenue stream through selling in-depth data to advertisers and agencies for higher CPMs. Using the DMP will systematically group your users into segments based on demographics, interests and online behaviour, making it easier and far more attractive for buyers to purchase your inventory and data. Sounds good, doesn't it?
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