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Adform DSP

To enable audience in RTB Line Item, select Targeting (1) > DMP audience (2) as shown in the image below. 

To add DMP Audience, press Dmp7 Button button (3). A side panel will open with a list of available Audience Providers (Audience Base marketplace).



Audience Base Marketplace

When in the Audience Base Marketplace, click on a particular Audience to browse its categories/audiences. To find out more about the Audience Provider, click info icon (1). 

To unselect the Audience, press  Dmp8 Add Button (1) (2). Once selection is completed, you may save it (3) or overview selected Audiences and proceed with changes (4). 



Sort Audience Providers:

  • Name - sorts Audience Providers in alphabetical order. 
  • Date Created - sorts Audience Providers by creation date in DMP platform.
  • Pricing type - sorts Audience Providers by Pricing type, from Max to Sum.


Add to Favorites and Filter:

In order to to find your favorite Audience Providers, you can add them to favorites (click on star icon) (1) and then filter the list by selecting Show favorites only (2). 

Audience Marketplace Add To Favorites And Filter

 Create Rule

AND/OR conjunction between Audiences : 

  • If Audiences are selected/saved inside Audience Marketpace window, it will be conjucted with OR operator. 
  • If Audiences are added separately, it will be conjucted with AND operator. 


Cross-Device selection is allowed by pressing Dmp Source2button :

  • Original - use only the original part of the segment (without the addition of Cross-Device identifiers).
  • Cross-Device only - use only identifiers that were added to the segment after using Cross-Device function.
  • Do not set data source limit - use both "Original" and "Cross-Device only" cookies in the segment.

Dmp Source

  • For Audience Providers

    Audience Providers may select logo to show in DSP Audience Marketplace and enter informative description about Audience. In order to add description or logo, got to the DMP account Settings tab.  

    What information should you include in Marketplace description (1) ?

    • Introduction
    • Audience collection method
    • Industry vertical
    • Countries
    • Specific categories
    • Use cases

    To upload logo (2), select one of the supported files (jpg/jpeg/png/gif) from your storage. 

    Descritpion should not exceed 5000 characters. Logo size should not exceed 1MB.

     Description Copy (1)