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Synced Audiences Overview

In the Audiences tab, you can view the list of all exported audiences and their export stats.


Report data (list of all available data columns)

Data Column 


Account Name 

User’s account in Audience Base  

Account ID 

User’s account ID in Audience Base  


Audience that was exported  

Audience ID 

ID of the exported audience  

Rule Name  

Export rule by which the audience was exported  

Rule ID 

ID of the export rule  


Category to which the exported audience belongs  

Destination Name 

External platform to which the audience was exported  

Destination Route 

Name of the account in destination platform as set by the owner  

Sync Type 

Type of data export (Full or Delta)  

Last Export Date 

Date when the last export of the audience was performed 

UID’s Total 

Number of unique ID's in the audience  

UID’s Exported 

Number of exported unique ID's of the audience  

Source CPM Price 

CPM price set for the audience in Audience Base  


A number by which the source price is multiplied  

Destination CPM Price 

CPM price for the audience in destination platform  


Currency for destination CPM price  

Create Date 

Date when the audience was created  

Report tools 

You can customize what data is displayed in the grid with these tools:

  • Add/remove filters (1)
  • Add/remove columns to the grid (2)
  • Search the grid (3) 

You can also download the report as a CSV file to your computer (4). Note that entire report will be exported, disregarding applied filters, column selection, or search results.