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Managing Export Rules

Export rules define which audiences together with their related properties, to which destination platforms, and how frequently have to be exported.

You can create, edit, and delete export rules.


  • Create New Export Rule
    1. On Destinations page, click Create.
    2. In the Rule form (see image below), fill in details for an export rule. See table for rule settings and their descriptions.
    Rule Setting Description
    Rule Name A name of the rule. 
    Destination Name

    A platform to which you want to export the data.

    Note. You can only select from the given destinations. 

    Destination Route

    Account on the destination platform to which you want to address the data.

    Note. You can only select from destination routes that were preconfigured by Adform support.


    Note. Pricing settings are available for Google DDP only. Pricing section will appear in the rule form when Google DDP is selected in Destination Name.

    Pricing defines the price that will be set for exported data in destination platform.

    Pricing options:

    • As is – audience price as set in Audience Base
    • Custom – you can enter a price other than in Audience Base.
    • Multiplier – a number by which a price set in Audience Base will be multiplied.

    The frequency of data export.

    Currently, only No End Date option is available. This means that data will be exported according to the rule every day as long as the rule exists. To stop data export, you will have to delete the rule.

    Sync Type

    Type of data export.


    • Full – all audience UIDs on every export are synced.
    • Delta – only new and removed UIDs (i.e. differences) are synced. This type of syncing exports all audience data on the first export, and then only data differences on subsequent exports.
    Synced Audiences

    Here you select the audiences for export.


    • Select individual audiences (click Add Audience). Selected audiences will be listed right below.
    • Select all audiences (click Sync All).
    1. Click Save.
      Every rule gets an ID which is assigned to the rule automatically after it has been created.




  • Timing of Data Export
    Start of Data Export

    First data export is initiated at the moment you create the rule.


    Frequency of Data Export

    Data export is performed one time per day. Export is repeated every day as long as the export rule exists.


    End of Data Export

    To stop data export, delete the export rule (open the rule and click Delete (1)).