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Export Rules Report

In the Rules tab, you can view all existing export rules and statistical data related to them.



Report Data

All available data columns:

  • Account Name – user's account in the Audience Base
  • Account ID – user's account ID in the Audience Base
  • Rule Name – an export rule
  • Rule ID – systematic ID of the rule
  • Destination Name – external platform to which data was exported
  • Destination Route – name of the account in destination platform set by the owner
  • Destination Seat Name – name of the user account in destination platform
  • Destination Seat ID – ID of the user account in destination platform
  • Sync Type – type of data export (Full or Delta)
  • Number of Audiences – the number of audiences synced by this rule
  • Last Export Date – the date when the last export was performed
  • ID's Total – total number of cookies in all audiences that are specified in the rule (calculated by counters, number can be approximate)
  • ID's Exported – number of cookies exported by this rule (exact numbers of the last export)
  • Destination eCPM Price – average price per audience in the destination platform
  • Currency – currency of eCPM price
  • Creation Date – the date when the rule was created


Grid Actions

You can perform all the usual actions with the grid:

  • add/remove filters and filter grid data
  • add/remove columns to the grid
  • search the grid for the info you need
  • export grid data to CSV file