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Export Routes

An export route indicates an account on a destination platform to where you want to export data. Destination platform can have several routes linked to it. Each route allows you to configure a number of generic features and some platform specific features. 

To access routes, open Routes tab on Destinations page. Here you can create and manage routes, view the list and stats of existing routes. 


  • Create Export Route

    To create an export route, click Create Route in Routes tab. Then, enter route settings in the route creation window (see descriptions of rule properties below) and save the configuration.


    Route Properties 

    General Information



    Destination Route 

    Enter a name for an export route 

    Destination Seat Name 

    Enter a name of the user's account in destination platform 

    Destination Route Settings



    Destination Name 

    A platform to which you want to export data. Open a drop-down list and select one of the available destinations. 

    The remaining route properties are platform-related. They depend on the destination selected in the last step. Contact the destination platform service provider for the required information. 

  • Export Routes List View & Stats

    In the Routes tab, you can view reports on how many ID's from all specified audiences were exported by each destination route during the last export. 

    Report data (list of all available data columns)

    Data Column  


    Account Name  

    User’s account in Audience Base  

    Account ID  

    User’s account ID in Audience Base  

    Destination Route  

    Name of the account in destination platform to which data is exported  

    Destination Route ID  

    System ID of the route  

    Destination Name  

    External platform to which data is exported  

    Destination Seat Name  

    Name of the user’s account in destination platform  

    Destination Seat ID  

    ID of the user’s account in destination platform  

    Number of Rules  

    Number of rules created for this route  

    Number of Audiences  

    Number of audiences specified in all rules of this route  

    Last Export Date  

    Date when the last export was performed by this route  

    ID’s Total  

    Total number of ID's in all audiences exported by this route  

    UID’s Total  

    Number of unique ID's in all audiences specified in all rules of this route  

    ID’s Exported 

    Number of ID's exported by this route (exact number of last export)  

    Destination eCPM Price 

    Average price per audience in destination platform  


    Currency of eCPM price  

    Last Update Date 

    Date when the route was last updated  

    Create Date 

    Date when the route was created  

    Report tools

    You can customize what data is displayed in the grid with these tools:

    • Add/remove filters (1)
    • Add/remove columns to the grid (2)
    • Search the grid (3) 

    You can also download the report as a CSV file to your computer (4). Note that entire report will be exported, disregarding applied filters, column selection, or search results.