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Destinations Overview

Destinations feature enables you to export your audiences' data from Audience Base to external systems – demand side platforms, data management platforms, or other services.

With Destinations, you can manage export of data by yourself. You can:

  • set export destinations for your data
  • create and manage data export rules
  • view data export statistics

To open Destinations page, go to Main menu > Destinations.



Export Destinations

Export destination defines to which external platform and to which account on that platform your data will be exported.

You set the export destination by selecting a destination platform and a destination route. Currently, you can select one of these platforms:

  • Google DBM (selling data via Adform DDP)
  • Google DFP (selling data via Adform DDP)
  • Google DBM (own campaign usage)
  • AppNexus
  • Xaxis (available for Nordic clients only)
  • MediaMath
  • The Trade Desk
  • PubMatic
  • Adobe AM
  • Active Agent


Destination route indicates an account on a destination platform to which you want to address your data. More than one route can be configured for a destination platform, if needed.

Destination routes are configured by Adform support. Contact Audience Base support team (audiencebase@adform.com) for more information.


Export Rules

Export rules define which audiences and their related properties, to which platforms, and how frequently will be exported. See more in Managing Export Rules.


Export Statistics

In Destinations page, you can view export statistics by rules and by audiences.

In the Rules tab, you can view reports on how many audiences and how many IDs were exported by each rule, and to which destination. See more in Export Rules Report.

Report in the Exported Audiences tab provides info about each exported audience – the rule by which the audience was exported, its destination, and number of exported UIDs. See more in Exported Audiences Report.