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Sending Global Tracking Code

In order to send Global Tracking Codes, select the necessary Templates (1) by clicking the checkboxes next to them. Usually Global Tracking uses the Standard template. Select Naming Settings from Master Tag  (2) for URL based Tracking Point naming ( automatic ) or Dynamic (3) for custom Tracking Point naming ( to be adjusted by the webmaster). Then click the Send icon (4), which is placed at the top of the page. 

For E-shop tracking we recommend to use Unique naming or consult with [email protected].




A new window is opened on the right side of the page. A tracking code is attached in a *.txt file (1) together with the instructions of the implementation of the tracking code (2) in the PDF format. Insert or check the e-mail of a webmaster (3) and press the Send email button (4) in order to send the tracking code.

You can add more than one email address in the recipients field. To separate email addresses, use semicolon. For example, [email protected]; [email protected]