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Inactive TP Rules

In the Inactive TP Rules tab (1), you are able to deactivate existing Tracking Points (TP):

  • Deactivate specific tracking points by its path name by creating rules.
  • Deactivate tracking points by their pageview activity.

To deactivate by path name rules:

  1. Click the Add rule button (2).
  2. Define the rule by choosing a condition: Equals, Contains, Starts/Ends with, Regex (3).
  3. Fill out the name/path field (4) or define a regular expression via Regex. Name/path field has an auto-complete function enabled. 

To deactivate by pageviews:

  1. Click on Enabled button (5) in order to activate the rule.
  2. Choose time period for which tracking point had no pageviews (6): Past 30 days, Past 3 months, This Year.

Once you are done adding rules, click the Save button and all the tracking points that match those rules will be stored in the Recycle Bin. Download a list of all Inactive tracking points by clicking on the Export Inactive TPs to Excel button (5) at the top of the page.

If a rule is deleted, tracking points are restored.