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In the Audiences tab (1) you are able to add profiling tracking points. Profiling tracking points are simple HMTL/JavaScript codes which are used to track simple webpages and to pass information about visitors for profiling, segmenting and targeting purposes.

Click the Add Audience button (2) in order to add a new audience. Enter a name (3) and insert the URL (4), where the tracking point should be implemented. You can add as many profiling tracking points as necessary. When done, tick the checkboxes next to the tracking points you want to send, so that they would be implemented, and click the Send icon (5).

In the newly opened pop-up box, enter the e-mail of a recipient (6) and send the e-mail. The tracking points are attached in a *.txt file and the link to the instructions of implementation is provided within the e-mail.

If you need to delete some of the existing profiling tracking points, mouse over on them and click the Remove Audience icon (7).