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Segment Statistics

Segment statistics is accessible for each segment by clicking on the button as shown in the screenshot below. 

Statistics 1







Segments statistics allows you to capture the audience dynamics by day and differentiate the data by Opt-In, Opt-Out, Delta functions. 

Statistics 2







You can compare audience in size with other segments under the same category. 

Shoppers Segment


Audience by Source displays audience composition by sources : Smart Segment Builder, Segment Builder (Ad Serving and Site Tracking), Server-to-Server (S2S), Profiling Pixel (PP), Cross-Device (XD), Audience Extension (AE), IP segmentation, Manual upload. Total amount of UUIDs is dispayed in Audience line, while % of Total indicates percentage by source. 








Also, you can see how many UUIDs belong to Browser users and how many to Mobile and/or Tablet users (Advertiser ID). 

Statistics 5







Audience totals allows you to evaluate audience dynamics by day.

Statistics 6