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Exports Report

Exports report provides info about the data exported from your account to external systems. This report combines Rules and Audiences reports in Destinations so that you could view all data in one place.

To access Exports report, go to Reports > Exports tab.




  • Set a time interval

You can select one of the predefined time intervals or specify a custom one (1). The maximum period is 3 months from the current day.


  • Select a data aggregation

Data aggregations allow you to group data by specific dimensions. Open a Group by list (2) and select the required aggregation.

Exports report can be grouped by:

    • Day
    • Month


  • Add/remove grid columns

In Columns (3), you can select data columns that will be displayed in the grid.


  • Download a report

Click the Export button (4) to download the generated report as a CSV file.