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Audience Analysis

Once you’ve aggregated or imported all of the data into your DMP, it’s time to learn about your audience.
In order to analyze the audience, select the segment and click on "Audience Analysis" as shown in the screenshot below. 

Audience Analysis 1





Analysis can provide insight into non-intuitive attributes that can help extend your targeting profile, or fuel new audience segmentation.
You may analize affinity level with other segments, get the overlap of UUIDs between segments, determine your audience activity, browser, country, device, language, OS. Results can be grouped by audience (amount of UUIDs) or by affinity (%). 

Audience Analysis 2









In the example above, segment of users "Age 35-44" was analysed and shows highest affinity percentage with the segment of users "Age 18+". Overlap between segments "Age 35-44" and "Age 18+" consists of 818 500 UUIDs and it's the greatest overlap in comparison with other segments. 

Affinity is calculated by formula:  (Overlap between segments / Total Audience of analysed segment) x 100% . 
Audience analysis can be exported into CSV file by clicking on the icon  (Audience Analysis 3).