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IP Address-Based Files

In order to create IP address-based segmentation, data mapping file(s) should be uploaded to Amazon S3, dedicated folder (access credentials must be provided by Adform first): 


Ex.: custom-data/mydatasolutions/ipsegmentation/mymappingfile01.csv

Segmentation file should contain either IP or IP-range mappings (IP ranges can be combined with single IPs by specifying one IP as a range).
For the IP address-based segmentation UUID mapping process is not required. 

Single IP IP Ranges 

Format of IP row should be:

  • {ip}{tab_separator}{segmentid_1},{segmentid_2},{segmentid_N}
  • IP can be either or number 23456
  • IP duplicates are allowed. Segments will be merged in this case.

 Format of IP-range row should be:

  • {ip1}-{ip2}{tab_separator}{segmentid_1},{segmentid_2},{segmentid_N}
  • IP can be either or number 23456
  • Ranges may intersect.

Example of segmentation file for IP segmentation:

  •   abc1,wer0,13,num001
  •   abc2,wer0,13,num002

Example of segmentation file for IP-range segmentation:

  •    abc0,wer0,13,num000
  •    abc1,wer0,13,num001

Segment must contain: 

  • More than 10 IP addresses
  • The number of individuals required by local law for forming an anonymous segment

Adform is in full compliance with local data privacy laws and is anonymising the data according to local regulations.


To enable IP address-based file transfer, contact Audience Base support team [email protected].