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Getting Started

Integrating into the Adform DMP platform is as easy as data in, data out. You ingest your online, offline, and mobile data and then activate it within Adform ecosystem or external platforms.

In order for file transfer process to begin, users must be synchronized between Adform DMP and the media provider. This is to create a cookie mapping of a media provider's user ID to an Adform user ID. 

While each integration presents its own challenges, they all share these common steps: 

  1. UUID matching (where UUID is Unique User Identifier, e.g. Cookie, CRM ID, Advertising ID)
  2. Adding taxonomy (categories and segments)
  3. Data import / export


In order to enable server-to-server integration, contact Audience Base support team audiencebase@adform.com.


  • Data Types

    Adform DMP platform helps you collect and manage the 1st party, 2nd party, and 3rd party data. 

    Data Type Description. Where does the data come from? 
    1st party

    Data collected from your customer interactions:

    • online (ad serving, websites, apps, etc.)
    • offline
    2nd party Data collected from partners or advertisers. 
    3rd party Licensed or purchased data from data providers. Data can include information such as intent, demography, social/lifestyle, psychographic, and more.