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Opt-Out Functionality

UUID can be removed from all Data Provider segments or a specific segment using profiling pixels (online call) or S2S integration (offline call).
In order to remove UUID from the segment or all segments, use "--" sign before the segment OwnerID e.g. sg=--94.

Profiling pixel needs to be added in front of an existing segment, for example:

<img src="//dmp.adform.net/dmp/profile/?pid=10467&sg=--94" style="display:none !important"> The pixel would remove UUID from segment 94.

Alternatively, “DeleteAll” needs to be specified as a segment ID in order to remove UUID from all segments, for example : 

 <img src="//dmp.adform.net/dmp/profile/?pid=10467&sg=--DeleteAll" style="display:none !important">  Pixel would remove UUID from all existing segments. 

The same rule can be used in data files, meaning that UUID with "--SegmentOwnerID" will remove user from a single segment and UUID with "--DeleteAll" will remove user from all  segments.