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Manual Cookie Import/Export

In order to manually import and export cookie lists, navigate to the Segments tab.


How to import cookie list?

First, download an example template to see how a file with cookie list should be structured. Download it HERE
It is possible to upload Browser Cookies (Adform Coookie) and Mobile/Tablet Cookies (Advertising Id). See how the information should be arranged in both cases:

Adform cookie Advertising Id 

Information should be arranged in the following order:


Information should be arranged in the following order: 


See the example here.

 Once you have a cookie list file ready, follow the instructions:

  1. Click import icon: Import
  2. Choose whether you're importing Adform Cookies or Advertising Id
  3. Browse for the neccessary file on your device or drag and drop teh file to the box.
  4. Click Upload button. 

Import Cookie List


If the file is very large, it is recommended to add it to a *.gz folder. 


If UUID mapping tables are stored on Adform side, you are able to import data using external UUIDS. If they are stored elsewhere, only Adform UUIDS can be used.

How to export cookies?

  1. Select the checkboxes next to the necessary segments.
  2. Click the Export Cookies icon. 
  3. Select which UUID type you want to export: Adform cookie or Advertising Id.
  4. Click Export button.

Manual Cookie




Import/Export status

Import/Export might take up to 60 min to be completed. In order to see what's the current status of the import/export, mouse over the news icon located at the top-right corner of the page:

Manual Upload 2




 When cookie download is finished, you can download the file by clicking on a provided link.

The link is only active for 24 hours.