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Dynamic Segment Creation

To be able to create segments dynamically, the feature has to be enabled on Adform’s side. Contact [email protected]

It is possible to create new segments using the profiling pixel. In order to create a segment, use the following pixel format: http(s)://dmp.adform.net/dmp/profile/?pid={data_provider_id}&sg=Category1|Category2|Category3|SegmentID

  • Use the profiling pixel ID that is available in your profile settings. For example, ?pid=30.
  • Instead of Category, insert the name of a category and, if necessary, of subcategories.
  • Note that at least one category has to be indicated; there can be up to five categories.
  • New category values will create new categories.
  • If a category already exists, then only a new segment is created under the existing one.
  • Insert the SegmentID which will be displayed as Owner ID in the system.
  • Other settings, such as TTL and Fee, are set in the Dynamic segment generation profile when enabling the Dynamic Segment creation.


Note. Dynamic segments can be edited, e.g. moved under another category, Fee and TTL changed, etc., in the system after they have been created and it will not affect the audience.


  • If both a category and a segment already exist, then the cookie is simply assigned to the audience.
  • If a segment already exists but the category does not match, the category is ignored and an audience is assigned to the existing segment.