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Smart Segment Builder

The Smart Segment Builder lets you build both simple and complex segments from the collected audiences, distinguish preferable sources, validate Recency and Frequency values.

In order to build such segment, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Segments tab and click the Create New button. There is no possibility to create Smart Segment by using the existing segment.
  2. Enter Owner IDName of the segment, TTLFee, select a Category and then click the box icon Gg.
  3. Once you click the icon, you are redirected to a page where you can add the existing segments to the smart segment.
  4. Add segments mousing over a segment and clicking the Add button, or simply by dragging and dropping them to the field on the right side.


Smart Segment 1

Smart Segments (1)

You can also group segments by clicking the Add Group button and adjust rules inside a group. 
In the example above, segmentation formula is "Transports" AND ("Vacation Travel" OR "Skiing" OR "Tourist destinations") and the result is as follows :

  1. The group of (Vacation Travel OR Skiing OR Tourist destinations) will include users which are interested in any of these actions.
    Group consists of large audience interested in Travelling or Skiing. 
  2. The group added to "Transports" by using AND statement. Result : narrow audience interested in Travelling or Skiing, but also in Transportation.


AND, OR, AND NOT statements: 

And Used to narrow the audience. If the “And” rule is set that means users must belong to all the specified segments.
Or Used to broaden the audience. If the “Or” rule is set that means users can belong to any of the specified segments.
And Not Used to narrow the audience. When the “And Not” rule is set that means users must not belong to the excluded segments
  • Recency and Frequency

    In Segment Builder, recency and frequency let you segment visitors based on actions that occur or repeat over a set daily interval. 

    Recency and frequency settings help you segment visitors based on their real (or perceived) level of interest. For example, users who qualify for a segment with high recency/frequency requirements may be more interested in a site or product than users who visit less often or less frequently.

    Recency Frequency
    Have to be less or equal to TTL of original segment Have to be greater or equal to frequency of original segment
    Example: original segment has TTL = 21 days. It means that UUIDs will be active only for 21 days. So, Recency in the Smart Segment builder must be less or equal than 21 days, otherwise it exceeds UUIDs lifetime and no UUIDs will be added.   Example: original segment has Frequency = 3. It means that UUIDs will be added into the segment only if specific UUID will be detected at least 3 times. So, Frequency in the Smart Segment builder must be greater or equal than 3 times, otherwise no UUIDs will be found in the original segment.
  • Recalculable segments

    Recalculablebeta function enables Smart Segment recalculation and removes not matching cookies from the segment in real time or on scheduled basis.

    Real time execution Scheduled  execution
    If cookie Opt-Out from the original segment which is included into Smart Segments -  cookie will be removed from the Smart Segment as well. If any of parameters were changed in the Smart Segment (original segments, statements, recency, frequency), cookies which do not comply with current setup will be removed from the Smart Segment. 



    • All users who have seen the Ad but haven't made a purchase (2 original segments);
    • All users who have received invitation but haven't visited the page yet (2 original segments).


    In order to activate the function, select "Recalculable" as it is shown in the screenshot below. 


    If Recalculable function is switched off after enabling it, cookies will be not removed due to segment formula changes or original segment changes.