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Cross-Device Extension

For requesting enabling Cross-Device feature please contact [email protected]


It is also possible to extend your segments with Cross Device data. Cookies, captured on various devices, are matched by external partners and stored together. Your audience is extended by a pool of cookies that belong to devices of the same user. It’s possible to enable or disable Cross-Device data for one or more segments as well as choose the provider(s) for Cross-Device usage. 

Once new UUIDs are added to segments, Cross-Device connections are added to the segment real-time. For UUIDs already in the segment, Extension is done once in 24 hours.


There are 2 default providers which are currently available for Cross-Device extension. 

Provider Description
Tapad Logo Uses probabilistic methodology to connect the UUIDs. Validated by Nielsen at 91% accuracy. All TapAd clients access the same graph.
Screen 6 Logo Uses Adform data  to establish UUID connections. Adform UUID connections are unique. No external validation done.

In order to enable Cross-Device extension, click on a particular segment and from the drop down menu select the provider whose Cross-Device data will be used for the segment. You are able to choose from providers that are available for your account.

2016 04 25 06 19 08 Adform Dmp

If you need to add the extension on several segments at the time, tick the checkboxes next to those segments, click the Multi-edit icon and press the Attributes option; then select the “Yes” option in the Cross-device drop-down and tick the checkbox next to it.

Cross Device 2