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Campaign Data

Campaign data source comprises data attributes that are collected through serving a campaign. This means that you're able to collect data from all user actions, including impressions, clicks, events and tracking points. By using user actions as your primary source for building an audience, you can create a high-quality audience and deliver very precise user (re)targeting.

How to configure a campaign data source

  1. Click Campaign Data (1) to open a data source configuration box.
  2. Select an Advertiser (2).
  3. In Transaction History (3), specify the time period during which the transaction has occurred (14 days max).
  4. Click Add rule (4) to open a rule line.
  5. In Transaction (5), select a transaction type (Impression, Click, Event, or Tracking Point).
  6. In Campaign (6), select a campaign (optional).
    • If no campaign is selected, cookies from all campaigns of the selected advertiser will be collected.
    • Campaign list displays campaign titles together with their billing IDs and search is enabled by both, title and billing ID.
  7. In Options (7), select a data point. Data points depend on the specified transaction type. See all available data points described in Available Data.
    • To collect order-level data of the selected campaign, select Order in the options list and enter orders in the values field. This choice is available for impression, click, and event transactions.
  8. Select an operator (8) and specify the values of data point (9).
  9. Click Save.




How to extend the rule

You can add more rule lines and specify additional data points. To add a rule line, click the plus icon (1). Rule lines are appended with an AND/OR/AND NOT conjunction. To delete a rule line, click the minus icon (2) next to the line.



Click the dots icon (3) to open additional tools for rule management:

  • Add indent rule adds another rule line just like the plus icon.
  • Duplicate rule duplicates the rule with all specified values. Rules are appended with a conjunction (see AND, OR, AND NOT statements in Audience Builder).
  • Delete rule deletes the current rule.


See Available Data for the list of all available data points related to each transaction type.