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Adform API allows you to integrate Adform functionalities into your own applications. It covers all Adform services including DMP for Agencies/Advertisers and Publishers.

DMP requires a separate user account with additional rights enabled to access DSP from API. In order to create a separate user account, contact our support: [email protected]
User account is needed in order to login and retrieve authentication Ticket which has to be provided in every subsequent API queries in order be authorized and get access to Adform data. 


DMP (Data Management Platform)

Empowers advertisers to compare, classify and combine disparate data into relevant taxonomies and thus build a personalized audience. The DMP is fully integrated with the Adform system, providing a seamless platform connected to Adserving, DSP and Automated Guaranteed solutions. 

It also provides a set of robust tools that enable you to accomplish the following:

  • Collect and import audience data from a multitude of 1st, 2nd & 3rd party sources.
  • Structure diverse data sets into usable and granular audiences and segments.
  • Activate your data and effectively reach your audience across their devices. 
  • Analyze real-time campaign performance updates and optimize accordingly.

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API Help Center: http://api.adform.com/help/


Support Contacts

Regarding API services and overall API questions, please contact our support team: [email protected]