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You can create rules to restrict access to particular segments on Country, Agency or Advertiser level. Rights created for segments overrides the global rights. 

Setting up rights for segments:
  1. Click on a segments settings tab (1). 
  2. Select Edit (2). 
  3. Then, click Rights (3). 

To edit multiple segments at once:
  1. Select segments (1).
  2. At the top menu, click edit (2).
  3. Click Rights (3). 


Country, Agency and Advertiser might be Included or Excluded from the rule as it is shown in the screenshot below. You may select/deselect all options in the list by ticking/unticking Select all field. In order to select reverse rule set, use Toggle button. 




Created rule is visible in the bottom and might be easily removed.


There should be no empty rule sets for Rights on account level. Segment rights may have empty ruleset.