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List of DMP accounts

Once you've logged into the Adform DMP, you are presented with a list of DMP accounts you have been granted the rights to see.

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The following information is displayed in the main page:

  • Statusdetermines whether a provider is ready to be used. Possible statuses: active, pending, and inactive
  • Titlea name of a publisher or a data provider
  • Currency -  set automatically for a profile
  • Pricing shows which pricing model is set
  • Countriesshows to which the provider is enabled in the Adform DSP
  • Segment usageindicates when a provider gets closer to the limit of maximum segment number. Filled red line means that the limit has been reached

You are able to complete the following actions:

  • Search for a specific data provider / publisher by entering its title to the search bar. 
  • Filter them by status, pricing, countries or currency.
  • Sort by creation date, currency, pricing, status, title, or in the ascending/descending order.
  • Edit general settings, Rights or / and Segments by mousing over the icon next to the title of a provider and choose the action you want to complete. Alternatively, reach the edit page by clicking on the title.