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Deals feature lets you create a custom segment price for a specific group of buyers when the segment is used in the Adform ecosystem. Deal price can be set for one or more segments and will override Base Segment price. By using deals you will be able to sell the same segment with a different price for different parties. This way data owner can apply some discounts for the clients that are loyal or buying data at high volume.
The same feature is used to identify own and external data users. The own user, i.e. agencies get a discount for using the same segment, while external data consumers are buying the same segment for the Base Segment price (or the one that is specified in another Deal).

When creating the deal, indicate the segment (or segments) as well as users that are going to be included in the deal. The deal can be created for the country, agency, or advertiser for a set period of time (e.g. years if it is a contract, or a couple of weeks if it is a special deal for an event).

Deal (new) 


One deal can only have one price. To cover different segment price groups, multiple deals should be created. The rule creation is required for the deal. 

  • Deals can be only created for the current date and for the future. 
  • Maximum number of the deals is 150.

To create a deal, get in touch with Adform DMP support: [email protected].

DMP deals replicate the same logic as data fee – the price is applied on creation of the line item and will remain the same until this part of targeting formula is changed.