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Contracts is the functionality used to define how CPM based data fee can be split between data owner and Adform. The split can be done based on :

  • Revenue share model (where in the contract % of revenue that needs to be assigned to Adform is specified);
  • Fixed Price CPM model (where fixed part of segment price is assigned to Adform revenue and everything on top is assigned to data owner). 

Contract 1 (1)



Contracts functionality allows to specify data user, so we can define different contracts based on who is buying the data (the split can be done differently in case own or external client is buying the data).

Contracts can be created and modified only by Adform support, please contact [email protected]

Revenue calculation based on contracts is done in Real Time, meaning that once we get usage data it is split based on contract details and saved into DMP Reporting data storage.

Each data provider has a Default and Active contract based on the agreement. If any of agreed parts are changed in the system, contract is updated automatically. Active contract is the contract based on the last changes and agreements.